About Krista-

Krista brings the "Go big or go home" theme to her art.  She is a master of Epoxy Resin, which is a chaotic process.  With so many variables that affect the outcome, the final reveal can not be witnesses until 24 hours after pouring, when all the microscopic particles have come to a rest.

Krista's chaotic method melds perfectly with the chaotic nature of combining resin, mica, rocks, crystals and fire.  Krista is a wizard.  She creates geode replicas as if they were pulled from the ground.  All of this completed on anything from tables to kitchen accessories.  She loves to combine art with functionality, and will capture your eye and touch your spirit.  This is as close as it comes to controlled chaos."

Krista Carpenter is a brand ambassador for Countertop Epoxy / Faux Rizzle Art Resin.


Artist Resume

Krista Carpenter, MS, CLC


Group Exhibitions:


2022              Electric Cherry Shop & Studio, Denver, CO.


2021               Grand Junction Art Festival, Grand Junction, CO.


2021               Paisley Square, local artesian shop, Grand Junction, CO.


2019-22         Electric Cherry Shop & Studio, Denver, CO.

Solo Exhibitions:


2022           “Good Times.”  Electric Cherry, Denver Colorado.


2021           “Geodes.”  The Mineral and Bead Shop, Grand Junction, CO


2020           “Angels Wings.” Electric Cherry Shop & Studio –Denver, CO.


2019-20      "Geodes." Lion Gallery “” Grand Junction, CO.


2018-21       “Mary Jane.”  The Carriage House, Denver, CO.


2017-22      “Amethyst.”  Lotus Wellness Collection, Grand Junction, CO.

Private Collections:


Denver, CO.


Cape Coral, Florida


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Class Instructor for the following classes:

May, 2021  Beginner epoxy resin class,  Grand Junction, CO 

July 2021  Advanced epoxy resin class.  Grand Junction, CO

Various private classes, 2020-2022.