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Artwork that inspires joy

Hello there, I am Krista Carpenter.  I am an epoxy resin artist with a bright, sunny style. 

I only began working with resin four years ago.  I had lost my job, lost the love of my life, and I was living in a place that I did not enjoy.  Those things, in conjunction with a severe Depression that I had been fighting for the previous ten years, is what made me decide to attempt suicide.  However, five days later, I woke up on a respirator in the hospital, still alive.  I immediately began to plot my next attempt.  Before I could carry out the act, though, I asked myself:  What is the last thing I would like to do on this earth?

My answer was to try some artwork using epoxy resin.   I promptly ordered resin and watched a few tutorials online.  To my surprise, my very first project came out beautifully!  I felt a sense of joy and pride that I had never experienced before.  Working with Epoxy Resin has transformed my life.  I get into a state of flow, where my negativity is not welcome.  I use vibrant colors, and other media that inspires happiness.  I experiment and play like a child….My artwork saved my life, and I hope that it inspires joy and happiness in others.  Most of all, I hope that it encourages people not to give up….that mental illness is not a life sentence.  That you too, can heal and find joy.

Artist Resume

Krista Carpenter, MS, CLC


Group Exhibitions:


2022              Electric Cherry Shop & Studio, Denver, CO.


2021               Grand Junction Art Festival, Grand Junction, CO.


2021               Paisley Square, local artesian shop, Grand Junction, CO.


2019-22         Electric Cherry Shop & Studio, Denver, CO.

Solo Exhibitions:


2022           “Good Times.”  Electric Cherry, Denver Colorado.


2021           “Geodes.”  The Mineral and Bead Shop, Grand Junction, CO


2020           “Angels Wings.” Electric Cherry Shop & Studio –Denver, CO.


2019-20      "Geodes." Lion Gallery “” Grand Junction, CO.


2018-21       “Mary Jane.”  The Carriage House, Denver, CO.


2017-22      “Amethyst.”  Lotus Wellness Collection, Grand Junction, CO.

Private Collections:


Denver, CO.


Cape Coral, Florida


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Class Instructor for the following classes:

May, 2021  Beginner epoxy resin class,  Grand Junction, CO 

July 2021  Advanced epoxy resin class.  Grand Junction, CO

Various private classes, 2020-2022.

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